About Us..
Founded in 2019, Obor Safety has swiftly established itself as a leader in the safety equipment industry. The company is renowned for its commitment to providing excellent product quality and delivering affordable services with impressive speed. Obor Safety stands out in the safety equipment market for its combination of excellent product quality, affordability, and speedy service delivery. Whether for individual use or large-scale industrial applications, Obor Safety is a trusted partner in ensuring safety and protection.
What we provide..
  • High-quality safety vest in a variety of selection, such as V series, F series, N series with the color of purple, black, blue, and etc…
  • Custom made safety vest
  • Raw material of mesh / Fabric / Reflective tape
  • High Visibility Reflective tape
  • Reflective Badges / Logo
  • Embroidery / Logo Printing
  • High flexibility on customized products according to your needs.
  • Quality that matches the price
  • Better quality in Competitive Price
  • OEM services for special order.